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Dear Friend
Many people and groups of spiritual essence are meeting today to participate in a most ever taken, important work.

The «anchoring» of a New Vision for Humanity is pursued, by means neither rational or mainstream.It is for this purpose our common responsibility, that our contribution to such effort succeeds for the sake of our own and each country and beyond – of all.

We thank you for your participation in this group ,Paths of Synthesis on FB.

Pathways to Synthesis is an international NPO.It is incorporated as a not for profit entity of educational purpose by the Volos court of the first instance under the act AM 3763/2010.

It is the entity responsible for the bringing to life, support and contribution to «Enargeia» – a pilot School of Peace of the Robert Muller International Schools and of «Enargeia» a community of active citizens in Horto, Pilio in Greece.

So do we, in our turn, at Paths of Synthesis participate and ever present, are constructing «Enargeia», working so that we anchor it for good, a few years already now.

So Enargeia it is.

A journey, an adventure that started within our own cities, in the heart and mind of many people and was anounced to a small group of fellow workers in an small office of downtown Athens on March 20th, 1991.

A group like this one that keeps on building Enargeia, relies on the consciousness of its members and selfprotection, even from them – and not on disciplinary directives and controls and thus being, furthermore in full awareness consequently, rejects the Rule of Majority.

Quite a few times that the group’s membership changed since Enargeia as an idea and a name manifested and was anchored finally, back in the year of 1992.I t is the elements of flow/movement that manifest Life-Purpose-Rythm-Presentime-Spirit and as often happens in life, so in a group there is continuous movement,people coming and going bringing new energy and ideas, always refreshing the group’s aura and yet, as well carrying their own personal agenda-and thats where the going gets tough …

…you see, the group exists well before the coming of each new member -with a Purpose and goals, requesting from all to integrate within it. Integration and coherence not assimilation is needed. Group life, requests quite a lot. Group study, group work, group progress, group love without submission to the group- but for it is that you are within all and with all One you are!

Acceptance of the Purpose is requested and integration of the individual within the group, thus giving up anything that falls within one’s own personal agenda. Your change is requested and everything that group Purpose requires to be brought forward to fruition, you should strive to make a part of you.

And dont look around you to the other members. Go on with your work, move forward without cutting off and hold the tone steady in every occasion be it one of happiness or misery, maintain your detachment and dispassion and seek a higher sensitivity, accept the changes with a welcoming attitude and adjust in a healthy manner within the group’s vision.

But trully it is difficult this kind of Education, for this path may yet not be a lesson for the many, since harmony and enargeia(=clarity) and balance it requires,i n speech and thought and then in action. An open living community is not a monastery, a camp, a commune but an organism, a living one that calls you to know each and every moment, if its the one befitting you or not!

And then the courage you must have to decide, your next immediate step. Whom to go with and whom to leave behind, without causing any damage to the group! With honesty, capable to accept that this may not have been the lesson for you and that the way of teaching was not the one at fault but maybe it was you who could not or even maybe it was, the kind of lesson you were long done with…

This kind of work can withstand no second thought, neither conflict or doubt nor a cacophony of disharmony. An Opening it is, of the Heart Center, an entrance and a daily residence in meditation that group life it nurtures! Young to be and to become. Failures and successes, «diss-appointments» with joy to accept, to see- it is required of you, with Enargeia-Clarity, if and in which of the systems of this collaborative organism you are a member of and there your skills to contribute.

And it is your integration or not, a choice of Freedom and Love together, a stand and an attitude of spirit and then trully, collectively the life moves on. For Education is what one gets on each place where collectivity is practised, as he individually chooses to collect himself…a servant in his turn to stand Up, as he graduates.

And this is an Education most difficult as the in-dividual blows up, to empty up it asks each one of everything that is old within…stands, attitudes, trends, tensions, objections, definitions, fixations and fixed ideas, likes and dislikes, habits, ideals and contradictions.

So for this, ask and ask yourself again…is this my group? there are so many groups these days that may be befitting you. Ask again yourself, is this Purpose of this group collectiveness of this open living community ,mine as well? If yes, then your place you have reached and there is the place you may stay!