An open living community and Spiritual centre.

A vision comes true…

The need to live life with Freedom and Love, away from big noisy cities.

Discussion after discussion, year after year, the vision began to anchor, in the heart and from there in the mind. Yet, we were all there, into the “glossiness” and “faked up” of daily routine.

It takes form in 1997

It was then, that as a team we found the courage to acknowledge, that time had come to change our lives, that we are not “escapists” but we want to design life again, in a way that within the next few years we will be living at the place where “Enargeia” was to anchor.

Everything… was the result of the beneficial “magical” work of collective consciousness that forged for a long time, activating in our cities.

“Enargeia” emerged as a collective need of many to live their lives according to a viable model. Life at a “place”, where permanent residents and guests would have the opportunity to share “life”, to learn on the same principles and values within a spirit of sustainable development.

The Values

Both the work and “service” of Enargeia, towards “civil society”, are based on the understanding of the enormous challenges that humanity faces today and which can be surmounted only by developing a planetary consciousness. A consciousness for which is sought to be developed within a “Planetary Education” which promotes planetary awareness which in turn creates planetary citizens. This includes becoming conscious of the underlying energy structure of our society, the kingdoms of nature, the planet and the solar system.


We are possessed by a shaft of ideas – values which increasingly employ human consciousness (in times of climate change, or even better, in times of a generalised crisis of “consciousness”), such as the emergence of planetary consciousness, the interconnection of generations, of civilisations and cultures, of the synthesis of spirituality and science, the dipoles of “knowledge and realisation”, “ethics and economy”, the arts, peaceful resolution of dispute, the choice “conflict or harmony”… the relation between old and new, human rights in Education as means to avoid social exclusion. Ideas for which we seek to contribute to their realisation.


Enargeia aims to be one more “catalyst” of transformation on the planet by promoting:

A planetary consciousness

The interconnections of generations and cultures

The “spiritualisation” of science and the arts

The encouragement of “Lifelong learning” of human communities

The Synthesis

Decision Making

Each founding member hold one share (joint ownership), which can not be sold neither inherited in anyone but only in the community, so the character is maintained. The main body of “Enargeia” is the general assembly of the members and the Working Groups. Decisions are made through the Principle of Unanimity, one of the principles of the soul. In case of luck of “Unanimity”, the working groups pre-decide and propose their decisions to the general assembly for approval.

Current stage

Since 2003 Enargeia owns two beautiful pieces of land, 300m away from the sea, including thirty olive trees around 600 years old and a rich ecosystem. On the 21st of July 2009 the first construction phase began which includes two main common buildings that will serve works and hospitality. Within summer 2010 we schedule to start construction phase II, in the 2nd piece of land, which includes autonomous houses, an open air kiosk for meetings, seminars and projections, a common kitchen and compost toilets and showers. All will be designed according to permaculture design principles and will be built with natural materials such as straw bale, clay, wood and with the contribution of all.

“Enargeia” seeks to operate the whole year, organising workshops and seminars in municipal or private buildings of the area until the completion of its own buildings. Education, the arts, therapy and governance are the areas of “knowledge” on which we have worked up to now.

Based on the reality of brotherhood between people and the spiritual values “Enargeia” manifests and invites you to contribute with your skills, knowledge, your joy and company to its building.


One Response to Enargeia

  1. Ο/Η gil cresta λέει:


    I find you by the Intentional Community website. I am currently working with the Federation Humanitarian International ( http://www.fraterinternacional.org ), on a traduction of a prayer to the Universal Mother in greek.
    If you are interested, let me know, and I will send you some versions.

    Thank you,




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