Pathways to Synthesis

The organisation “Pathways to Synthesis” is an I.NGO of an educational character, an affiliated member of the Institute of Global Education. It is the body that materialises, supports and reinforces “Enargeia” an International Spiritual Center, a pilot School in Hellas (Greece) of the Robert Muller International Schools , a Chair on ECONATURE PROJECT under the auspices of the Institute of Global Education (member on the roster of the ECOSOC in U.N , an open living Center and community  (ecovillage) of active citizens.


The nurturing of  Education for Peace which seeks consciousness of:

Unity between humanity and nature – from dominant use towards unity within all kingdoms

A global economy of sustainable development – from industrial exploitation towards sustainable development and viability

A good health – from illness and disease control towards good physical, emotional (sentimental), mental and spiritual living

A planetary culture of wisdom – from the intellectual knowledge towards the heart centred wisdom

A participative society – from the authoritarian principle towards participation, unanimity, a spirit of noble emulation for the Common Good, contribution and sharing of material and non material goods

A planetary peace and freedom – from the national or the racial isolationism towards the community of the peoples


We are located at Horto, Pelion,Greece with also a space in Athens.You can find our location at the map below


One Response to Pathways2Synthesis

  1. Ο/Η jessica λέει:

    hello, my name is jessica and i lived on paros for almost 3 years. as the years have passed here i have fallen totally in love with nature and spend all my time with all she has to offer; but also become very lonely here and miss the feeling of being connected with people. i’m very interested in what you have accomplished, it sounds truly amazing. i’d like to learn more about what the center is like, what animals you have, what stuff you do on a day to day basis, who is living there permenantly, and if you have an opening for someone that is trying to find a place in this oh so big world. i’d like to be a part of something bigger than just me and i’m trying to explore all my options:)


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